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Oli Cooper In the National Theatre Lyttleton Stalls

ABOUT Oli & OCTheatrical

My name is Oli Cooper, and welcome to oCTheatrical.

Since an early age I have always had an Interest in design, technology & theatre. Through my teenage years my interests in these only got stronger, & this eventually lead me to apply for a university place at the Central School of Speech & Drama [07-10] with a specialism in Technical and Production Management.

Since Graduation from CSSD, I have worked in a variety of roles throughout the Theatre & Events industry, focusing on roles including Carpentry, Rigging, Automation.

in more recents years, I began to focus on draughting as in my previous roles i became Frustrated with the lack of clear Information been Provide to teams at the installation of projects. I therefore applied to become a  Project Draughtsman at the National Theatre. here I Primarily worked with Autodesk AutoCAD, and during my time at the NT I Developed my 2D & 3D CAD Software skills, as well as industry style design & Construction Drawings.

after 5 Years at the NT, I decided to continue Developing my skills by focusing on the Construction aspects of Draughting at Illusion Design and Construct, & it was here that I saw the major challenges faced by Commercial Operations compared with Arts Funded Theatres.

It has been The challenges and Experiences over my career which have led me to the founding of OCTheatrical, which I see as a Draughting Consultation & 3D Printing service, which is specialising but not Restricted to the Theatre & Events Industry. No matter what the project, its my goal ito act as the bridge between Creative and commercial Aspirations, allowing Both sides to Effectively deliver Projects.


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