My name is Oli Cooper, and welcome to my website.

I have always had an interested in design technology and theatre, this lead to me training at the Central School of Speech & Drama [07-10] with a specialism of Technical and Production Management.

Post-Grad I have worked in a variety of roles throughout the Theatre industry including Carpentry, Rigging, Automation & Crewing. Most  Recently I've been Project Draughtsman at the National Theatre, Primarily working with Autodesk AutoCAD, Using & developing these skills I have also been exploring 3D Printing; which has led to the idea of OCTheatrical a Draughting & 3D Printing service for Model & Prop Makers in the Industry.


In April 2012 I was offered the opportunity to Draught for the National Theatre for 3 months, focusing on their outdoor festival Watch this Space. Upon completion of that project I was fortunate to be asked to stay on, allowing me to continue evolving my skills as a Draughtsman, leading to me take on main house shows, from design composites through to bench drawings.  Please use the link below for examples of my work

Alongside my primary work at the NT, I have also been devolping the NT's CAD Standards, including the creation of new templates, Linetypes, and workflows.

I'm also keen to pass on my skills & I run week long AutoCAD training courses for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama which are individually catered to the particular course specialism. To aid this teaching I have also started a YouTube Channel, A link for which can be found below. 




In recent years I have had the opportunity to work with MakerBOT & Ultimaker PLA Printers - during which time I have learnt the Pros and Cons to this form of manufacturing.

The Idea for OCTheatrical is to be a supplier of Custom built 3D Parts for Models or Props in the theatre industry, at a cost effective price; be it a unique piece, a adaptation or even a duplicate for that revival that you don't have a model for. See the link below for my previous works, or even Contact Me if you would like to know more


Theatrical Draughtsman, Rigger, Carpenter, Biker & Gaming Geek
— Oli Cooper