My name is Oli Cooper, and welcome to oCTheatrical, Here is a little of our story

I have always had an interested in design technology and theatre, this lead to me training at the Central School of Speech & Drama [07-10] with a specialism of Technical and Production Management.

Post-Grad I have worked in a variety of roles throughout the Theatre industry including Carpentry, Rigging, Automation & Crewing. in the last 6 years  years I began to focus on draughting as in my previous roles i became Frustrated with the lack of clear Information been Provide to teams at the installation of projects. I started my Journey by becoming a  Project Draughtsman at the National Theatre, Primarily working with Autodesk AutoCAD, during my time here I Developed skills, which has led to the founding of OCTheatrical a Draughting & 3D Printing service, specialising but not Restricted to the Theatre & Events Industry


with over 5 years experince in draughting, and 10 years in the Theatre & events industry, OCTheatrical can assist you from the early stages of your project right through to final drawings and installation.

as part of our process we are constantly looking to improve - part of that we feel is sharing knowledge, and part of this is training. for the past several year Oli has been run training courses at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama which have been individually catered to the particular course specialism be it for Designers or Construction Students - Please get in touch if your interested in training, be it 1-on-1 or group sessions.

As part of the training, or even Independently we can consult on your CAD Standards & IT set-up to ensure your getting the best possible results from your work.




In recent years OCTheatrical has had the opportunity to work with MakerBOT & Ultimaker PLA Printers as well as formlabs Form 2 machines. 

during our time we have learnt the Pros and Cons to these forms of manufacturing, leading to One of the original Ideas for OCTheatrical, which was to give teams the ability to handle physcially accurate parts of CAD created sets, props or prototypes that could be updated through the course of the project,  as in any process there is a need to adapt and change. 

We're not limited to a scale of a model thanks to the methods used and how the models are created in CAD, we can also produce functional prototypes for bespoke fittings, so that they can be checked and tested without significant cost and loss of time.


I’m a Theatrical Draughtsman, Rigger, Carpenter, Biker & Gaming Geek
— Oli Cooper - Director